North Carolina Mutual Employees Forum Meeting in the Cafeteria on the Sixth Floor of the Mutual Building on Parrish Street

Abstract/Description: All North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance employees belonged to the weekend forum organization which met every Saturday from 11 am to 12 pm, and featured music, speakers, and discussion of employees' problems. First row, seated left to right: Mamie Jordan, Helen Murray, Nurse Elizabeth Jackson Allen, Viola G. Thompson Turner (first woman to become a major officer, vice-president treasurer), Nora I. Jones, Minnie Moses, Nell Goodloe Wilson, Edna F. White, Hattie Meadows. Standing, left to right: William Earl (Billy) Williams, Joseph Waverly Harris, James Strickland, John L. Holloway, Geneva Mebane, Beulah Harold or Harnett, Joseph Waverly Goodloe, Eleta Harris, Addie or Thelma Bailey, Hazel Covington, William Tate, David Crockett or J.B. Dean (tallest), Leanna Robinson under him, Helen Clement, Richard Lewis MacDougal, Janie Wilson (in front of MacDougal), Marie Ingram, Davis Buchanan Martin (low), William Proctor Flintall (up top), Flossie Torain, George Jones or Davis (down low), Ronald C. Foreman (up top), George Wendell White, Doctor Fuller Spaulding, J. L. Truitt (down low), Booker W. Kennedy (up top), Asa T. Spaulding, Winfred A. Kenney, William Leathers.
Subject(s): Durham County (N.C.)
Date Created: January 22, 1940