Dr. John Sweaney's Daughter, Lois Sweaney in the Front Yard

Abstract/Description: This house was originally located at the corner of Main and Buchanan Streets (104 North Buchanan / 1120 West Main), which was once the site of the original Watts Hospital, later the McPherson Hospital, and now the site of the Residence Inn Durham. The house was built in 1906 as an addition to the Watts Hospital complex. Eventually the hospital moved to larger facilities on Broad Street and by 1914, all of the original Watts Hospital buildings had been removed from the site except for this two-story Colonial Revival style frame structure. In 1917 the building was purchased by Dr. John Sweaney, M.D., for his home. Dr. Sweaney had moved from Leaksville, North Carolina to Durham so that his son, Hunter, then in medical school, would have the advantage of practicing in a community with a hospital like Watts. In 1963, the Sweaney family sold the house to McPherson Hospital. In 2006, the house was disassembled and moved to 1005 Watts Street.
Subject(s): Durham County (N.C.)
Date Created: August 1963