Durham's Own Subway Sandwich Shop

Abstract/Description: Opened in 1975 by two University of North Carolina graduates. The store originally faced onto 104 Albemarle Street, in the location of a former barber shop, then leather shop, and lastly a snack bar/fruit stand. It was popular with the Duke students and the workers at Research Triangle Park. Carloads of Research Triangle Park employees would come in for lunch each day during the early years. Eventually Subway expanded and reoriented to open onto 914 West Main Street. When the national chain of Subway restaurants came to Durham, they attempted to force the original restaurant to change names. The Durham Subway became "BMT Subway Deli" and finally "Bull City Subs" after legal wrestling with the Subway franchise. The Chevy truck in the picture belonged to restaurant owner Hase Forest and the Volkswagen belonged to frequent Subway customer Charles Waters.
Subject(s): Durham County (N.C.)
Date Created: 1980s